Professional Insurance


Construction site all-risk insurance

Protect all your construction sites and industrial projects with a single contract offering tailor-made guarantees. Benefit from complete coverage both in the construction and maintenance phases of the equipment. Cover your civil liability as project owner for damage you could cause to property belonging to third parties Partner: Atlantique Assurancess

Comprehensive property and casualty insurance

Your premises, materials, equipment and stocks are essential to the functioning of your activity. This insurance covers your business assets as well as the financial losses that would result from a disaster. Protect yourself with essential guarantees, adjustable according to your needs and specificities: fire, theft, water damage, machine breakdown, etc. Insure against financial losses for business continuity, whether it is a business interruption due to fire, machine breakdown or theft. Take advantage of guarantees and services adapted to the size and specificity of your business in order to secure your activity as much as possible. Partner: Atlantique Assurances

Business health insurance

The first capital of a company is its staff. Because a healthy staff is the guarantee of the good functioning of the services and performances of the company. Discover digital health insurance packs tailored to your purchasing power Partner : Atlantique Assurances

Car fleet insurance

Your vehicles are essential to the smooth running of your business. We offer you a complete range of insurance and assistance to protect your fleet, and accompany your employees on a daily basis. In addition to the compulsory civil liability coverage, you can benefit from other optional coverages that cover theft, fire, glass breakage, repair assistance, or all accidental damages, as the case may be. You can also apply for the Road Safety Assistance coverage, which has a number of benefits including towing services, report assistance and car replacement based on coverage (in case of car write-off).. Partner : Atlantique Assurances

Credit insurance

If you are one of the 80% of suppliers who sell on credit, you are subject to late payments from your customers and run the risk of non-payment. We offer you a complete range of solutions to secure your receivables and develop your business safely. Benefit from recovery of your guaranteed commercial debts upon simple request from our services. Anticipate late payments from your customers and save yourself cash flow stress thanks to customer monitoring and analysis tools. Ensure the sustainability of your business by benefiting, at each stage of its development, from customer risk management. Partner : Atlantique Assurances

Financial guarantee insurance

You have contractual commitments to your customers. However, you are not immune to failure. We offer you tailor-made bonds and guarantees to secure your operations. Secure your contractual commitments: Our partner insurer undertakes to guarantee the services to be provided for your customers in the event that you default. Take advantage of an audit carried out by financial experts: the audit allows you, before subscribing, to benefit from advice to improve the profitability of your activity. Benefit from an offer dedicated to your sector of activity: construction, real estate. Partner : Atlantique Assurances

Civil liability insurance for company managers

Your activity may cause damage to your customers, partners or third parties. We offer you a complete civil liability insurance offer, taking into account the specificities of your business. Protect your business against the consequences of your civil liability being called into question by a customer, a supplier or a third party. Benefit from business civil liability insurance that takes into account the specificities of your activity. Benefit from the advice of specialized experts throughout the life of your contract: subscription, management and settlement of claims. An example of risk A service company employee damages a client company's files and causes a general computer crash. The client suffers financial losses due to the reconstruction of files and the delay caused in the activity. The responsibility of the service company is engaged. Partner : Atlantique Assurances