Savings Account Plus

The Savings Account Plus is an investment open to everyone that earns an exceptional interest rate for two years. Benefits
  • Make your classic savings grow with an interest rate of 4.5% per year (interest paid twice a year)
  • Build up blocked savings from 10,000F and benefit from the same advantages as traditional term investments
  • Borrow at prime rates for the duration of your investment
Terms and conditions of subscription
  • National ID or valid residence permit
  • 03 photos (4x4 format)
  • Most recent pay slip or proof of activity
  • Water, electricity bill or localization map
  • Initial deposit of at least 10 000F CFA


Intended for individuals, the bond is a term investment whose rate varies depending on the amount and duration of the investment. Minimum: 2.5 million FCFA. Benefits
  • Flexibility: negotiable interest rate​
  • Discretion: opt for anonymous vouchers at your convenience
  • Optimization: preferential guarantee in case of borrowing
Terms and conditions of subscription
  • National ID or valid residence permit
  • Proof of origin of funds

Atlantique Peformance Mutual Fund

The Atlantic Performance Mutual Fund is a product whose purpose is to collect and pool the savings of several investors with the aim of making the capital collected grow safely through investments in medium and long term bonds issued on the financial markets of the CEMAC zone States. Benefits
  • Liquidity: freedom to withdraw all or part of your initially invested capital and the return produced since the subscription date​
  • Security: the fund is invested primarily in government bonds, which guarantees the reimbursement of your investment
  • Profitability: 5% minimum net interest