Bank to Wallet / Wallet to Bank (B2W / W2B)

B2W/W2B is an offer that allows customers of banque atlantique Cameroun to transfer their money from their bank account to their Orange Money mobile account and vice versa Benefits
  • Access to more than 30,000 Orange Money withdrawal points​
  • Timesaver
Terms and conditions of subscription Hold a checking account or a traditional savings account at banque atlantique Cameroun

Transfers via ATM

ATM transfer is a service that allows you to issue a money transfer from the ATM to all 9 countries of the banque atlantique network (Cameroon and WAEMU) Benefits
  • Practical: send money to your loved ones from the ATM​
  • Up to 1,000,000F transfer / day in CEMAC zone without formality
  • Service available 24/7 (sending and receiving)
Terms and conditions of subscription Be a holder of a debit card from banque atlantique Cameroun

Rapid transfers (Africa Transfer, Express Union International, MoneyGram, RIA, Smallworld and Worldremit

Banque atlantique Cameroun offers a variety of brands that allows individuals to send and receive money quickly around the world through a network of hundreds of thousands of points of sale. Benefits
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Security
Terms and conditions of subscription
  • National ID or valid residence permit
  • Receiving: identity of the sender, transfer reference, amount of the transfer and country of origin of the transfer
Sending: identity and contact details of the beneficiary